FoS of the Day…

Hermain Cain’s campaign for saying that Rick Perry is behind the sexual harassment issues that Cain is currently having to deal with.

Now, like every other pundit (or wanna-be pundit) out there, I recognize that this is Cain’s campaign saying that Perry is behind it being news, not that Perry entrapped (or whatever) Cain into potentially harassing women.

But it doesn’t make sense.

Perry is so far back in the polls from Cain, that he shouldn’t bother.  Sure, there’s a good amount of “go after the frontrunner”, but even before this, Cain’s stock was slowly sinking.


The person they should be looking at is Newt.  He’s the candidate most likely to benefit from these accusations (which is, in itself, funny, given how many ex-wives he has, and how he left one of them).

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