FoSotD: 4-Nov-2011 John Boehner



Nobody believes it when you call Grover Norquist “some random person”.  This is Grover Norquist.  Who, unlike the character Grover from Sesame Street (though, if you give the muppet glasses, and the politician forgets to shave a few more days, they do resemble each other), is the guy who currently has the GOP’s nuts in a vice, because he got most of your Senators and Representatives to sign a pledge to “not raise taxes”.

No matter how good an idea it might be.  No matter what the reason.

No new taxes.


Both Bush (the smart one) and Reagan said they didn’t want to raise taxes.  Both did.  Reagan raised taxes something like 17 times.


Now, I admit, I wouldn’t be thrilled with a tax increase.  But the US has both a spending issue and a revenue issue.  Certainly cutting spending, in some areas, is needed.  But raising taxes is also needed.  We can’t cut our way to solvency; that way lies Greece.

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